Here's How To Unplug From Social Media And Have A Better Happy Hour


While we love taking pictures of our fancy cocktails for the #gram, we also appreciate getting the chance to go offline and have a little ‘me time’. Going off the grid completely isn’t a viable option for most, but we can all learn to cut down on the time spent on our phones. Unplugging doesn’t have to mean disconnecting. We challenge you to take an hour out of every day, or each week to turn off your phone and shut down the computer, and live in the moment.

Need an extra push? Here are some of the ways we like to unplug and be connected.


  • Go for an iPod-free run.

  • Stop binge-watching and go to a play instead.


  • Download a productivity app that disables your phone for a set amount of time.


  • Have your friends over for dinner.


  • Start a game night with family and friends!


  • Try your hand at photography with a real camera.

  • Learn a few new phrases in a different language.

  • Watch the sunset without trying to capture it.


  • Read a paperback book or flip through a print magazine.

  • Practice mindfulness with a little meditation.

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