Easy, Breezy, Friendsgiving

Friendsgivings are great. You get to have a party with your friends and celebrate your nearest and dearest. Now, try cramming 20 or so of your besties into your tiny apartment while you are cooking a huge bird in a small oven… WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

Stress not. We’re here to help make your Friendsgiving an easy, breezy day.

First things first,


If you’re anything like me, you’re very interested in having a cute party with very little fuss. So let’s maximize our party prep to minimize the day-of stress! Prep as much as you can in advance. This means, browsing and or creating a Friendsgiving inspiration board, choosing recipes, shopping and cleaning well in advance of your party.

If possible, I like to set the table the night before, so I can spend as long as I want to style my tabletop spread and getting decor into place. Dried or shelf-stable elements like fresh eucalyptus, pampas grass, pumpkins, gourds, and leaves will all keep perfectly fine overnight.



It’s a good idea to help your guests help themselves. We love pairing a Party Size Punch kit (that you prepped the night before) with a DIY garnish bar for a super fun experience that will make the perfect Instagram-worthy shot!

What to include in your Friendsgiving garnish spread? We love dried oranges, dried pears, dried lemons, fresh sage, fresh rosemary, skewered cranberries, savory rimming salt like an allspice blend, cinnamon sticks, edible flowers like marigolds.

Have fun and make it look like a cornucopia!


Friendsgiving via Oh So Glam



Not enough room on the table? Create layered tiers of sharable platters.

When it comes time for the turkey, smaller is always better, even if you’re serving a large group. Opt for two smaller turkeys rather than one large bird, because the meat will be more tender and flavorful.

Purchase a bulk order of cute take-out containers, so your guests can leave with any leftovers and don’t have to worry about returning the Tupperware.

Friendsgiving spread via Rustic Joyful Food

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