Here's 12 Appetizer & Cocktail Pairings For Your Après Ski Parties

If you’re not familiar with the term ‘après ski’, you should know that its a french term literally meaning ‘after ski’ that refers to the general social activities that result after a day of skiing at a resort. Ideally, those activities consist of going out, dancing, eating and of course drinking. Generally, these events take place mid-afternoon to the late evening, as those partaking in alpine sports still have to rise early to get back on the mountain.

Don’t live near a mountain? You can throw an après ski party wherever you are. Picture yourself in a woodsy lodge or chairlift, and you’re halfway there. The next step is cooking up a number of one of these delicious appetizers, all hearty, delectable, and perfect for warming up on a frosty day. Finally, say ‘Prost!’ to another day on the slopes with one of these wintry cocktails.


Black Bean Turkey Nachos with Jalapeño Yogurt + Christmas Cactus

What good are nachos if they aren’t loaded with gooey cheese and spicy toppings? This recipe calls for lean turkey – so it’s slightly healthier than usual, but will still hit the spot. We paired it with our Christmas Cactus, a seasonal margarita riff with agave and blood orange puree, to create a classic combo.


Roasted Lemon & Spinach Artichoke Dip + Duke of Earl Manhattan

Dips are a must-have for any appetizer menu as they are so easily shareable. An artichoke dip is pretty classic, but this recipe calls for the inclusion of jalapeño roasted lemon to add some heat and a little bit of sweetness from the caramelization. Wash down this savory dip with this richly scented Manhattan riff that calls for bright bergamot and sweet vermouth.

Brie Stuffed Baby Crispy Potatoes + Flannel Fix

These stuffed baby potatoes might be the best finger food yet and they are simple to make. The combination of brie, truffle oil, and rosemary is a no-brainer, but we might also advise adding bacon. Ready to keep indulging? Our warm rum cocktail features chai spices and orange blossom agave, and orange bitters for a fragrant take to play well with brie.

Sweet and Savory Bacon Wrapped Puff Pastry + Almond Joyful Old Fashioned

Did we mention that we love bacon? You won’t be able to have just one of these cheesy bacon pastries with cayenne pepper, brown sugar, and rosemary. The perfect compliment to the savory bites of bacon is this nutty Old Fashioned variation with rum, almond, and vanilla. Hints of coconut and nutmeg balance out the boozy backbone of this drink.

Smoked Salmon Nicoise Salad + The Chalet Shake Up

If you’re looking for a more nutritional alternative to the previous carb-loaded appetizers, may we suggest this non-boring, wintery salad? This tuna Nicoise update features smoked salmon for a bit of a kick. If you’re having trouble finding kohlrabi at your local market, swap for potatoes instead. The garam masala syrup of The Chalet Shake Up pairs well with the smoky salmon and lighter flavors of the salad.

Asparagus and Brie Puff Pastry With Thyme Honey + Holiday Old Fashioned

Buttery puff pastry gets even better when its drizzled in sweet thyme honey. You can even add prosciutto to make it more hearty. More heartiness can also be found in the bold, oaky flavors of our Holiday Old Fashioned, a classic with orange bitters and cinnamon syrup.

Sweet and Savory Roasted Nuts and Pretzels + Coquito

This is a perfect last-minute snack. All you have to do is toss some raw nuts and pretzels in a few spices, soy sauce for saltiness, and maple syrup for sweetness, and try not to eat the whole bowl before your friends arrive. Keep satisfying your sweet tooth with the Coquito, a tropical take on egg nog that combines warm island flavors with milk and rum.

Grown Up Grilled Cheese + Snowshoe Toddy

Nothing quite hits the spot as well as a grilled cheese warm drink when you’ve just returned from an adventure out in the snow. This is not your average grilled cheese, however, because it has three-cheeses and everything spices. Our Hot Toddy riff with cloves and chocolate bitters is the perfect companion.

Swiss Fondue Board + Yule Mule

You can’t truly be in the Alpine spirit without a Swiss cheese fondue. There are a plethora of accouterments you could choose to accompany your fondue but we recommend a variety of crackers, winter fruit, gherkins, and salamis. There is no other cocktail quite as seasonal as the Moscow Mule. Our twist on the holiday classic includes baking spices and cranberries.

Belgian Waffles + London Fog

No trip to a ski resort is complete without liege-style waffles. Impress your guests by supplying a selection of different toppings, maple syrup, fruit compotes, chocolate-hazelnut spread. Double-impress them by pouring them a glitter-topped, earl grey infused, vodka cocktail.

Savory Tomato Mini Tarts + Fireside Old Fashioned

The caramelized onions and juicy cherry tomatoes on this buttery puff-pastry tart can’t be denied. And neither can the chipotle and ancho chile pepper bite of our mezcal Old Fashioned riff. Sometimes savory is just better!

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