Pair These Winter Cocktails With That Holiday Decor

Decking the halls for a boozy holiday party? We’ve got you covered with these 5 ideas for pairing the perfect punch with that decorative touch.


Simply string oranges from a bit of twine using a large eyed needle and layered into a tree, on a mantle (shown), or string individually to dangle over windows.

Don’t have time to make your own? We’ve got you covered! You can order Cocktail Courier’s bar-quality dehydrated oranges right here.

Serving a cocktail with a dehydrated orange on top may feel a little matchy-matchy with the decor, but for us, the subtle holiday aromas of warming cinnamon and strong bourbon make it juuuuuust right!



One of our favorite ways to decorate for the holidays is by making cut paper snowflakes (bonus points for recycling book pages or junk mail while you decorate!). Paper snowflakes are so fun to slice up randomly and see what results you get (low pressure crafting!). But if you wanted to be a real snow pro, you can also use some templates that you can print out and cut around for perfect results every time. Cute!

We love the way they are grouped en masse over a low boho style tablescape for a big impact. With the muted colors, plush faux furs and a hint of sparkle, it has us feeling very cozy and very cheery!

Cocktail Courier Yule Mule Cocktail Kit

What better way than to add the glam touch than through classic copper mule mugs? We are obsessed with the Yule Mule and this fan favorite fits in perfectly with the look! Serve a delicious drink and cozy mood? Check and check.

Psst– there’s a reason the Yule Mule is a customer favorite, and some stalk the spiced cranberry syrup all year long. It’s like the classic Cosmopolitan starred in a winter rom com (complete with festive baking spices, yes!), and cozies up with a classic Moscow Mule as the love interest and the Yule Mule is their love child. Ha! But seriously, it’s so tasty!


We love fresh greenery like pine boughs for the holidays. But there are so many lush greens that can be used as decor, like dusty miller, seeded eucalyptus and sage! We love the additional woodsy aromas they add to the holiday mood.

These rustic greens paired with crisp velvet ribbon add a luxurious touch, just like our Northman Manhattan.

Cocktail Courier Northman Manhattan

This unexpected holiday twist serves up a cozy vanilla bay leaf syrup for complexity and a hint of savory bitterness, which pairs perfectly with classic vermouth and warming chocolate bitters. We absolutely adore this strong Manhattan riff that cuts through winter’s biting cold.


The Lovely Drawer Stockings DIY

Cotton fabric, a little paint, a pop of color with poms, and a cozy felt lining? Topped off with embroidered names, this is perhaps the sweetest little stocking DIY we’ve seen! We love picturing a full mantle of these stockings (each with their own accent color?) hanging for all to enjoy. Skip the cookies, and serve your stockings with the London Fog for a perfect sweet treat.

Cocktail Courier London Fog Cocktail Kit

Have you ever had a tea latte? Did you know that one of the most popular tea lattes (before the matcha craze!) was an earl grey tea latte called the London Fog. It’s one of those off menu items that you can order at almost any coffee shop regardless of if it’s listed (just like almost all classic cocktails at a bar!).

So perhaps it’s the special (wink wink) in-the-know feeling you get when you order one at the local cafe, or more likely, it’s just the flavor that does it for us. We can’t get over the lustrous taste of richly scented bergamot citrus, cozy and warming cream notes, perfectly balanced by the tannic brew of the black tea. We upped the ante by making our London Fog a boozy confection with the addition of vodka, and made it party ready with a pinch of festive edible glitter! These sweet little sippers are so good you won’t be able to stop at one!

Psst- dairy intolerance? You can sub the milk or cream out for any non-dairy milk for just as delightful a treat! We love coconut milk and even fancy nut milks like macadamia for a twist.



Fireflies and Mudpies DIY Nutcracker Ornament

We think this would be such a fun idea for a decorating party. The supplies are inexpensive, the results are charming, and the more High Tea Martinis that are consumed, the more “unique” your Nutcrackers will be! 😉

But really, all you need are popsicle sticks, glue, brushes and paint! Bonus points if you bust out a few feathers and faux fur trim for extra accessories.


Cocktail Courier High Tea Martini

Sip back and relax. This delicious cocktail’s name might make you think of “pinky up” stuffiness, but as soon as you take a sip, you’ll be transported to classic flavours of bold orange, baking spices and red tea. Think: clove studded oranges dangling from trees, visions of sugarplums, and of course, the nutcracker!

We think this old-world treat of herbaceous gin botanicals and warming citrus will be a sure-fire hit at any party!

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