4 Hot Drinks to Celebrate National Hot Toddy Day

Ahh, hot toddies, the best cure for cold weather. January 11th is National Hot Toddy Day and it couldn’t have come sooner! These warm alcoholic drinks typically contain whiskey and tea but work as a vessel for any boozy ingredient its creator wants to mix it with. We’ve rallied together a whole list of Cocktail Courier’s hot toddy cocktail kits to get you feelin’ warm ‘n cozy all winter long.

Spice Toddy

Add some spice to your life with the classic ‘Spice Toddy.‘ This simple and alluring hot toddy variation contains Seedlip 94, the non-alcoholic alternative with a full-bodied woody flavor that expertly replaces whiskey or dark liquor without notice. It has a complex, aromatic blend of barks, spices, and citrus peels that work alongside the honey and lemon to bring us straight to the fire.

Wanna Sauna?

Cocktail Courier’s newest addition to the hot toddy crew, ‘Wanna Sauna‘? is a part of the Spa-aaahhh Collection of guilt-free cocktail kits. It may be low-calorie but don’t fret, the London dry gin will keep you warm and relaxed. The orange and juniper bitters bring out the brilliant botanicals of gin and work alongside the rosehip and spiced honey for that snug restful feel that a good toddy promises.

Warm & Cozy

I mean, the name says it all– hot toddies are the best because they’re like a hug for your insides. That delicate mix of herbal tea, spice, and some liquor can really set your mind right. The ‘Warm & Cozy‘ has an unexpected twist to the classic warm cocktail by incorporating spiced honey, toasty pecans, and milk oolong tea. It gives the drink a nice velvety feeling, while the Ketel One Vodka adds a unique crispness. This is a great cocktail for ridding yourself of those post-holiday woes and making sure spirits are always bright through seasonal sniffles.

Flannel Fix

A winter evening in a mug, ‘Flannel Fix‘ brings a whole new party to the hot toddy hotel. The gold rum offers warm notes of vanilla that when mixed with chai tea bags is simultaneously robust and delicate. Much of this cocktail’s flavor comes from the chai and spiced tonic syrup, while the honey and lemon keep a classic feel.

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