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Leah Schoenburg

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Hometown: Sycamore, IL
Certifications: El Consejo Regulador del Tequila, A.C. (CRT) certified, Barsmarts Advanced, USBG - Chicago
Preferred Spirit Categories: Brandy, Agave, Scotch
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Leah Schoenburg, like so many bartenders out there, went to art school, where she learned that art takes on many forms and it’s still really hard to make a living from it. After attending The School of the Art Institute of Chicago for everything from Fashion Design to Metal Sculpture, and a brief stint as an artist’s assistant, Leah started serving tables at a bar to help her stay in the city that she so loves. That’s where she discovered that working in bars was way cooler than working in the diners she grew up in, and that there’s a lot more to learn about alcohol than pouring shots and pulling beer.
Buying up every cocktail and spirit book known to man, Leah asked all of the questions she could think of and rapidly worked her way up through the ranks to bartender. With the help of the USBG Chicago chapter and very cool bar programs, She was able to attend sprit classes and tastings, and network with other likeminded bartenders from all over the country. She has had the wonderful opportunity to work in some of the coolest bars in the city and has made some truly talented staff her family and lifelong friends.
Although no longer regularly bartending, Leah continues to study, explore, and loves the opportunity to bring new and exciting experiences to all of the home bartenders as the Beverage Director of Cocktail Courier.
Current Position(s)
Beverage Director @ Cocktail Courier
Chicago, IL  |  11/2017 - Present

Previous Position(s)
Bartender @ The Loyalist Chicago
Chicago  |  6/2016 - 3/2018