Heavy Weather Kit + Northern Hospitality Book

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a Hunt + Alpine Club original

vodka / cardamom / simple syrup / coriander / grapefruit / lime

Welcome to the perfect gifting option! Pairing The Portland Hunt + Alpine Club’s Northern Hospitality: A Celebration of Cocktails, Cooking, and Coming Together with its very own Heavy Weather cocktail, this kit creates a gift for any food and beverage lover.

The Heavy Weather cocktail is the perfect tiki treat for after a snow-filled day! Shake off the chill with this tropical tipple featuring vodka, spiced cardamom, floral coriander, zesty grapefruit and tart lime.

Brought to you by the Portland Hunt + Alpine Club and us at Cocktail Courier, this collaborative kit contains everything you need to make 8 Heavy Weather cocktails as well as the beautiful Northern Hospitality book filled with warming cocktail recipes, food pairings and more!

Bar tools and glassware are not included but can be ordered separately at checkout.

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