Agua Desierto

Rating (29)
“Agua Desierto is the first thing I’d crawl to after miles of sand. This refreshing, brightly hued cocktail is like a glimmering oasis in the distance.”
– Laila Grainawi
  • 2.00 oz Pisco Control C
  • 0.75 oz Prickly Pear Syrup
  • 0.75 oz Fresh Lime Juice
  • 3 drops Bittercube Jamaican #2 Bitters

Garnish: Freshly Grated Lime Zest

Bar Tools: Jigger or Measuring Cup, Cobbler ShakerSmall Knife, Microplane or Grater

Glass: Coupe

Each box includes all ingredients including garnish. Bar tools and glassware not included but can be ordered separately.

All orders for alcohol are fulfilled by Keystone Wine and Spirits, LLC.

  1. Chill Coupe Glass by placing in fridge/freezer or by filling with ice water and setting aside for 5 minutes (optional.)
  2. Grate or zest limes into a bowl and set aside for Step 8. Save the limes for juice.
  3. Cut 1 zested lime in half crosswise, then squeeze the 2 halves of the lime into a cup and set aside for Step 3. (Note: 1 lime will yield approximately 1.0 oz of fresh juice – you will only need 0.75 oz per cocktail.)
  4. Measure and add all ingredients (except for garnish) to Cobbler Shaker.
  5. Fill shaker with ice, place top of Cobbler Shaker back on the shaker, and shake vigorously for 10 seconds.
  6. Remove Coupe Glass from fridge/freezer or if using ice water, empty the glass.
  7. Strain shaken cocktail into the glass.
  8. Garnish with reserved fresh grated lime zest for a bright citrus note with every sip.
  9. Cheers!
  • 1 Pisco Control C (750ml bottle)
  • 1 Bittercube Jamaican #2 Bitters (30ml bottle)
  • 6oz Prickly Pear Syrup
  • 6 Fresh Limes

Prickly pears peak in the late summer/early fall and are the fruit of the Opuntia cactus native to the southwestern US and Mexico. In the 16th century, the plant spread to the southern Mediterranean and the Middle East, where the fruit acquired the name “Indian fig.” Prickly pears’ vibrant magenta pulp creates an innovative cocktail that’s perfect to enjoy year-round.

Sweetness Level
Adventurousness Level

Per Cocktail
8 Cocktails per order*
*Tip to bartender, Taxes & Delivery Included

Laila Grainawi
Cocktail Courier | Chicago
Laila Grainawi has always been a creative soul. When she graduated from art school (MICA) she started working as a graphic designer and a knitwear designer in N...

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Reviews (29)

Sweet and satisfying

I used a bit less of the sweet syrup and really enjoyed the balance with the lime. Beautiful color. Refreshing on a hot day.

Danielle F.

The prepared cocktails looked beautiful and were delicious. Loved the careful packaging and clear information cards, including a description of pisco, which we never before tried. It was excellent quality. I wanted to purchase more prickly pear syrup and bitters from Cocktail Courier, but neither appear to be in stock.

Erin W.
Purple Passion

We liked this as an alternative to a margarita or cosmo- by accident we used a bit less of the syrup so just a hint of sweetness and the lime shavings added some texture. Bravo.

Laurel P.

All of the flavors combined to create a unique and delicious drink.

Karen F.
Best drink we have received from Cocktail Courier!

This drink is delicious. The only problem is that I doubt you could ever order it in a bar – few bars would have these ingredients. I may have to travel with my own bitters and syrup.

Shelli W.
Sweet, boozy, and a bit inconsistent

We overall enjoyed our cocktails. I made all 8 for a party in 3 quick batches and was surprised that the color and sweetness varied between the 4 oz and 8 oz bottle of prickly pear syrup. We preferred the less sweet (and lighter in color) version made with the 4 oz bottle than the sweeter (and darker) cocktails made with the 8 oz bottle.

Elena K.
A little Girly, yet delicious

Yes this drink may be sweet and girly, but I am a man and not affront to say I love it! I have tried several boxes from Cocktail Courier in the past and I think this my be my favorite one. I have a group of friends that enjoy our “Fancy Drinking Club” every other week. Everyone in the group loved this drink.
The Control C Pisco is a very deferent kind of alcohol… It is hard to describe. It smells a little like tequila has a slight flavor or vodka with a sweet back… But it is not toquilla and it is not vodka. It is a alcohol of its own!
Long story strait, you should try this drink!!

Ian B.
Very tasty but the Pisco was from Chile

tasty drink but being from South America, we use premium pisco from Peru. Just my own preference I guess.

Jaiver J.
Sweet and Delicious

I didn’t know what the ingredients were for this drink, so it was really a gamble when I ordered. But I was pleasantly surprised that this drink was really good. Just be prepared for a sweet drink.

Christopher P.

Great drinks.. easy instructions made for a awesome girls night in….Can’t wait to get my next box

Laquana H.
Dont let the color fool you

Dont let the color fool you. This drink was absolutely delicious and packed a punch!

Scott G.
Fruity but different.

Great cocktail. This was my first experience with Pisco, and now I’m hooked.

Andrew N.

We love this cocktail! It’s perfectly balanced, not too sweet, not too tangy. The color is gorgeous as well. We actually already owned a bottle of pisco, so we will be tracking down more prickly pear syrup so we can make it again and again.

Leonel R.
Bright and refreshing

It was great. Definitely recommend. Sweet but not overly, balanced by the brightness of the lime juice. Zest was a nice fun garnish. We found that using a microplane zester in short, quick swipes worked best to keep the zest from becoming too large and “chewy.” The bitters were really nice as well. Looking forward to the next round!

Bill G.
Tart but sweet

We really enjoyed this cocktail. We’d never had Pisco and it leant itself well to the tartness of the lime and the sweetness of the prickly pear syrup. We may have to get this one again!

Susan S.
New spring fav!

We loved this cocktail. So well balanced between sweet and tart and the color is gorgeous! This will be on our spring cocktail lineup for certain! Highly recommend the lime zest as garnish….it helps with the balance.

Karin C.
Loved it!

Unique, refreshing, and not too sweet. Would be perfect on a warm evening. Loved the combination of flavors, and the gorgeous color!

Carey K.
Savor Each Sip

Refreshing, fragrant combo of flavors!

Kelly M.

Would never have tried prickly pear on my own and have never heard of pisco. Great combination.

Kim W.
Very good!

We really enjoyed sipping our new cocktail: it is so different, vibrant, besides the color, which is beautiful! Love the pisco!

Celia M.
(Not too) Sweet Deliciousness

An amazing cocktail. Never heard of Pisco before so I had some doubts. But the simple combination of ingredients made this drink a delight to consume. Fresh and sweet but not so sweet you get fuzzy sweaters on your teeth. Shared with friends during the Super Bowl and all of us had more than one drink and still wanted more.. Gotta try it!

Michael L.

This cocktail is the reason we subscribe to the Cocktail Courier service. The drink is easy to make, uses unique ingredients, and the resultant product is a unique and fabulous tasting libation! The taste is moderately fruity though complex, and the lime zest can be forgone if desired without sacrificing much flavor. Cheers!

Brian L.
Agua Desierto

This cocktail was fine, but it was more a spring/summer cocktail than a mid-winter one.

Gerard S.
A very pretty drink

I used my vintage long stem coupe glasses and whipped up a batch for friends. Everything one enjoyed it.

Lynn D.
A Colorful, Refreshing Sweet Sipper

The color is amazing – like nothing you’ve seen before, thanks to the prickly pear syrup. The flavor is very sweet with a number of complex undertones, but saved from being cloying by the lime zest (which is another unusual garnish). This is a good cocktail to use for novices who rarely venture beyond the cosmo in order broaden their horizons. It’s also perfectly palatable for those who eschew ‘girly drinks’ because there’s a lot going on as well as the lingering tartness. I’m not likely to have prickly pear syrup on hand that often (who does?) but I’ll be bringing the rest of my order to a party this weekend where it’ll be sure to be a conversation-starter!

Mark T.
Cheryl Alessandrini

Delicious fruity and refreshing

Cheryl A.
Flavorful & tart

Festive-looking, flavorful drink with some tartness from the lime. Very good.

Angelica J.
The best kind of sour

The drink was spectacular, my girlfriend and I loved how every sip was a balance of sweet and sour fruit flavors. I would reccomend this cocktail to anyone.

Samuel M.
Very good

I love the pisco drinks! And this one with pear was wonderful!

Christy B.