Have You Met My Friend John?

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“Don't let its simple appearance fool you; blended Scotch and black pepper add subtle smoke and spice to make this drink more complex the longer you sip.” – Leah Schoenburg

*just below the 1/2 oz mark of your jigger

Bar Tools: Jigger or measuring cup, muddler or teaspoon, mixing beaker, bar spoon, julep strainer, fine mesh strainer or tea strainer
Glass: Rocks

Each box includes all ingredients including garnish. Bar tools and glassware not included but can be ordered separately.

All orders for alcohol are fulfilled by Keystone Wine and Spirits, LLC.

  1. Chill Rocks Glass by placing in fridge/freezer or by filling with ice water and setting aside for 5 minutes (optional.)
  2. Using a muddler or teaspoon, gently muddle the measured amounts of cracked black peppercorns, lemon bitters and mint syrup in the bottom of Mixing Beaker.
  3. Measure and add Johnnie Walker Black Label to Mixing Beaker.
  4. Fill Mixing Beaker about two thirds full with fresh ice.
  5. Stir contents for about 60 seconds by using bar spoon or teaspoon. (Note: when using a bar spoon, place shaft between your index and middle finger. Insert spoon into the beaker until spoon touches bottom. Keeping your arm and fingers still, use your wrist to turn the spoon in the beaker. The spoon will spin about in your fingers on its own axis.)
  6. Remove Rocks Glass from fridge/freezer or if using ice water, empty the glass.
  7. Strain contents of Mixing Beaker using a julep strainer and fine mesh strainer (or tea strainer) into Rocks Glass.
  8. Cheers!
  • 2 Johnnie Walker Black Label (200ml bottles)
  • 1 Berg & Hauck Lemon Bitters (20ml bottle)
  • 1 Cocktail Courier Mint Syrup (4oz bottle)
  • 1 Cracked Black Pepper

Sweetness Level
Adventurousness Level

Per Cocktail
6 Cocktails per order*
*Tip to bartender, Taxes & Delivery Included

Leah Schoenburg
Cocktail Courier | Chicago

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Have you met my friend John

This was our first cocktail courier order – a gift from our son for Christmas – and we enjoyed it. Loved the smoothness and appreciated the balance of boozy with a little bit of sweet; especially loved the heat from the pepper. We prefer our cocktails on the boozy and not-so-sweet side, so this was perfect.

Deborah K.