The Red Forest

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“This Red Hook riff boasts a unique umami, balanced with bright tarragon. I love having guests try this drink, and then try to guess the flavor!” – Laila Grainawi
  • 1.50 oz D’Usse Cognac
  • 0.50 oz BroVo Jammy Sweet Vermouth
  • 0.50 oz Shiitake & Tarragon Syrup
  • 3 dashes Scrappy’s Chocolate Bitters

Garnish: Candied Shiitake Mushroom

Bar Tools: Jigger or Measuring Cup, Mixing Beaker, Bar Spoon or Teaspoon, Julep Strainer
Glass: Nick & Nora

Each box includes all ingredients including garnish. Bar tools and glassware not included but can be ordered separately.

All orders for alcohol are fulfilled by Keystone Wine and Spirits, LLC.

  1. Chill Nick & Nora Glass by placing in fridge/freezer or by filling with ice water and setting aside for 5 minutes (optional.)
  2. Measure and add all ingredients (except for garnish) to Mixing Beaker.
  3. Fill Mixing Beaker with ice, stir contents by placing shaft of Bar Spoon o Teaspoon between your index and middle finger. Insert spoon into the beaker until spoon touches bottom.
  4. Keeping your arm and fingers still, use your wrist to turn the spoon in the glass. The back of the spoon should touch the inside of the beaker at all times during rotation. The spoon will spin about in your fingers on its own axis. Stir for 15 seconds.
  5. Remove Nick & Nora Glass from fridge/freezer or if using ice water, empty the glass.
  6. Strain contents of Mixing Beaker using Julep Strainer into the glass. Serve up (no ice).
  7. Place your Candied Shiitake Mushroom garnish into the drink, as a cheeky nod to the ingredients.
  8. Cheers!
  • 1 D'USSÉ VSOP Cognac (375ml bottle)
  • 1 BroVo Jammy Sweet Vermouth (187ml bottle)
  • 1 Scrappy's Chocolate Bitters (15ml bottle)
  • 1 Cocktail Courier Shiitake & Tarragon Syrup (118ml bottle)
  • 8 Cocktail Courier Candied Shiitake Mushrooms

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Per Cocktail
8 Cocktails per order*

Laila Grainawi
Cocktail Courier | Chicago

Laila has always been a creative soul. Often dubbed the black sheep of the family (everyone else is an engineer), she embraced her unique perspective and mov...

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Reviews (2)

Great Little Cocktail

I must say, I wasn’t too sure about this drink, however, I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor. Great little cocktail.

Laurie M.
Red Forest

Very good flavors. Wayyyy too sweet when prepared by the recipe. Cut the syrup at least in half when preparing.

Jere F.