Q. How does Cocktail Courier work?


Follow these simple steps to get started.

First, are you interested in becoming a Subscriber or just placing a single order a la carte?


  1. Subscribers receive a rotating list of the world’s greatest cocktails from the world’s best bartenders as frequently or infrequently as they like, at a deeply discounted price (+ FREE SHIPPING).
  2. Subscriptions are either $39.99/kit for a Standard Subscription or $49.99/kit for a Premium Subscription. Both include all taxes and shipping. There’s no signup fee and no cancellation fee. Click here to learn more.

A La Carte

  1. If a single order is all you’re after –  just browse our rotating Cocktail List crafted by top local bartenders from the best cocktail bars around the country then select the cocktail(s) that you’d like to order. (Keep in mind each box includes enough ingredients to create 4-12 of each selected cocktail. The number varies by box.)
  2. Proceed to checkout by clicking on the cart icon in the top right corner of your screen then confirm your selections, enter your shipping and payment information online, then that’s it! We ship your boxes within 1-2 business days of your order. You’ll receive an email confirmation shortly after purchase, and another email with FedEx tracking info once your item(s) ship.

Q. When and where does Cocktail Courier deliver?


Cocktail Courier is available NATIONWIDE.*

For addresses outside of Chicago, we ship our kits via FedEx ground or FedEx 2-day guaranteed.  For addresses in Chicago, we offer deliveries in convenient 2-3 hour windows on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

If we don’t yet service your area, please email us and we’ll let you know once we land in your neighborhood.

*Excludes AL, AR, DE, KY, MS, ND, OK, RI, SD and UT.

Q. When will I be charged?


For Subscribers, your credit card is charged at 12am on the Monday of each delivery week, unless you skip that week. Subscribers are never charged when they skip a week, and will not be charged immediately upon signing up.

For “A la carte” purchases, your credit card is charged once you complete the checkout process at the time of purchase.

We accept all major credit cards, including American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

Q. How often do drinks change?


Drinks change each calendar month, although on certain occasions we may leave a popular cocktail on the list or in subscription rotations for longer.

Q. What is Cocktail Courier?


Cocktail Courier is an online marketplace for consumers to purchase premium cocktail kits crafted by the country’s top local, professional bartenders.

We are living in the golden age of cocktails. Don’t limit yourself to the same drinks night in night out. Cocktails featured on this site can be ordered à la carte or part of a subscription package (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly), directly to your home or office. All that’s left for you to do is open the box, shake or stir as directed, then sit back and enjoy!

Q. What is ShakeStir?


Cocktail Courier was born from a site called ShakeStir.com, the world’s fastest growing online community of professional bartenders who use the ShakeStir platform to connect, exchange ideas, build their careers, and ultimately raise awareness about cocktails both among fellow bartenders but also the customers they interact with on a daily basis.

Cocktail Courier creates the very best cocktail recipes from ShakeStir bartenders into Cocktail Courier kits making their delicious drinks accessible to consumers nationwide.

Q. How does Cocktail Courier source its cocktail recipes?


Cocktail Courier partners with ShakeStir.com, the world’s premier online community for professional bartenders.

In addition to offering bartenders an ability to connect, exchange ideas, and build their careers, ShakeStir.com accepts local monthly cocktail recipe submissions from the country’s top bartenders.

The winning cocktails from the previous month’s competitions are added to the cocktail list on Cocktail Courier. This way you are assured the best of the best seasonal and innovative cocktails.

Included in the price of each cocktail is a tip to the bartender who crafted the drink.

Q. What are the drinks like?


Our bartenders use the finest liquors and seasonal ingredients available in each of our cocktails. While many of the liquors come from regions around the world, we attempt to source our perishable cocktail ingredients from local, sustainable farms.

Unlike traditional cocktail lists created by one bar or restaurant that change seasonally, our cocktail lists are crafted by multiple bartenders and change monthly. This ensures a greater variety of the latest and greatest cocktails for you to choose from.

Q. What are the portions like?


Each kit includes enough ingredients (including garnish) to make 4-12 absolutely awesome cocktails. And we even leave a little leftover so you can sample each ingredient on its own if you desire (including liquor!).

Q. What if I have dietary restrictions?


If you have sensitive dietary restrictions we recommend that you closely read the menu description as well as the ingredients of each cocktail before ordering.

For subscribers, on the Friday evening before delivery week we send each subscriber a “preview” email with that upcoming week’s selection along with easy-to-follow instructions for how to swap out a recipe if you’d rather try something else.

Just keep in mind subscribers must make their changes before 11:59 p.m. eastern time on Sunday night, otherwise the preview selection is what we will ship.

Q. How will I know how to prepare each cocktail?


Each kit contains a simple, easy to follow cocktail recipe card. Certain cocktails will require specific bar tools or suggested glassware to make each drink.

For your convenience, we indicate at checkout each bar tool and/or suggested glassware recommended to make your selected cocktail which you can add (for an additional charge) at checkout.

Q. How long can I keep cocktail ingredients?


The majority of the spirits that we use are stable, meaning they don’t have a shelf life.

However, we recommend that you refrigerate the citrus and other perishable items included in each box upon receipt. Properly chilled, perishable items will remain safe to consume for approximately 2 weeks after receipt but the sooner you can drink them the better they will taste!

Q. Can I purchase a gift card for someone?


Yes! Go to our Gift Cards or Gift Subscriptions page. Gift Cards are great for new parents, work colleagues, friends, or for anyone on just about any special occasion. Or if you’d rather purchase a  subscription for a recurring gift, Gift Subscriptions are always a great idea.

Each gift card is in a digital format. A link to redeem each card is included in the email sent by Cocktail Courier to the recipient you have chosen, along with a personalized note from you. He or she can then enter the gift card code during checkout in order to complete his or her purchase.

Gift Subscriptions are attached to your giftees account once they click the included link in the email sent by Cocktail Courier to the recipient you have chosen, along with a personalized note from you. Once they follow the process of setting up their gift subscription (choosing their preferred spirits and delivery frequency), their kits will be mailed to them to enjoy regularly!

Q. Do gift cards expire?


Our gift cards never expire. After placing an order with a gift card, any remaining balance is applied to the user’s account as a credit.

All purchases automatically pull from any available credit attached to the account, before charging a credit card on file, so you will not have to enter your gift code again.

Q. Can I purchase a subscription for someone?


Yes! Go to our Gift Subscriptions page. Gift Cards are great, especially if you don’t know what cocktails a recipient likes to drink.

Each gift subscription is in a digital format. A link to redeem each card is included in the email sent by Cocktail Courier to the recipient you have chosen, along with a personalized note from you. He or she can then enter the gift card code, set his/her subscription preferences (like how often they would like delivery, as well as delivery address), and that’s it!

Q. Is this site secure for my credit card?


Cocktail Courier is an entirely SSL protected site.

Q. Can I order from my iPhone or iPad?


Absolutely! Our site is optimized for smart phones, iPads, and tablets.

Q. Does each cocktail arrive ready to drink?


Each cocktail kit arrives with all necessary ingredients (including garnish) as well as step by step instructions on how to make your selected cocktail. So all you need to do is measure and combine, then shake/stir and pour as directed.


Q. Can I order two different cocktails per kit?


Each kit is designed to enjoy one recipe at a time! This enables us to keep our prices per cocktail kit as low as possible, as well as enables us to send larger format bottles. This gives you an opportunity to perfect your mixology skills by making more than one of each drink (

This helps us to keep our prices per cocktail kit as low as possible, as well as enables us to send larger format bottles for you to enjoy. This gives you an opportunity to perfect your mixology skills by making more than one of each drink (practice that shake!), share your cocktails with friends, and be able to adjust the recipes to your tastes (citrus and simple syrup are like the salt and pepper of the cocktail world!).

If you’re really set on trying a variety of cocktails in one evening, please consider purchasing our Mini Sized Cocktail Kits which serve 2 drinks each. This is a great way to sample a variety of Cocktail Courier recipes!

Q. What is your returns and refunds policy?


We will refund all perishable items within 7 days of your order. Alcohol portions of the orders are non-refundable however.

Still need some help?