Herbs The Word

Herbs The Word

Say hello to our new, garden-inspired cocktails for summer. Don't worry about weeding, just imbibe and enjoy the benefits of these herbaceous cocktails.

Mints soothing properties are a big help combatting colds and upset stomachs. Plus, it’s great for stress relief! Try these mint forward cocktails for refreshing, bright, and uplifting flavor.

Basil has anti-inflammatory properties and also keeps us de-stress. As an immune booster, it can keep us from getting sick. Try our herbaceous Basil cocktails for an awakening palate cleanser!

The essential oils in dill can help with sleeping problems and also function as a natural anti-bacterial. Dill is often an overlooked herb bringing a unique flavor that hits a delicious slightly savory note. Try our Dill cocktails for slightly lemony, sweet, and a little bitter flavor of dill to shine!

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