Our Team

Scott Goldman, Co-Founder

Scott is always pushing the boundaries of ideas and is the fearless leader.

Curt Goldman, Co-Founder

Oldest and wisest, Curt steers this boat and keeps us all on track.

Laila Grainawi, Creative Director

Laila is organized and creative, but often found giggling at dad-jokes.

Leah Schoenburg, Beverage Director

Leah is a master of drinks, collector of bar books!

Lauren Richards, Art Director

Lauren brings the pixels, vectors, and photoshoot props!

Linda Hernandez, Operations Director

Linda is the A to Z of CC.

Billie Buck, Corporate Partnerships

Need a custom kit for your company? Billie is your lady!

Tiffany Nguyen, Marketing Director

Tiffany dots our i’s and crosses our t’s, the most detail-oriented person on staff!

Gabi Medina, Shipping Coordinator

Gabi is methodical and focused, but still loves a great drink!

Looking to join our hardworking, fun-loving team?

Reach out and let us know your secret skills!

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