8 Campari Cocktails to Sip on This Summer

By Cocktail Courier Mixology Team

May 22, 2023

Campari is an iconic, bright-red Italian liqueur. It’s a versatile cocktail ingredient that is actually a form of bitters, meaning it can bring an added depth of flavor to some of your favorite cocktails! Here’s some of our favorite summer cocktails featuring this popular liqueur - and don't forget to stock up on your Campari supply.

  1. Campari Spritz: A classic Campari Spritz is made with 3 parts prosecco, 2 parts Campari, and 1 part soda water.
  2. Jungle Bird: This tropical Malaysian cocktail is the perfect summer punch! Combine 1.5 oz each of black strap rum and pineapple juice, ¾ oz Campari, and ½ oz each of lime juice and demerara syrup.
  3. Negroni Sbagliato: This is an alternate version of a classic spritz that features equal parts Campari, prosecco, and sweet vermouth.
  4. Campari Old Fashioned: For a twist on this classic cocktail, try using 1.5 oz whiskey with ½ oz each of Campari and brown sugar simple syrup!
  5. Negroni: You can’t go wrong with the most famous Campari cocktail. The Negroni is comprised of equal parts gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari. For a summer twist, try it frozen by blending the chilled liqueurs with ice!
  6. Boulevardier: Not a gin fan? Try making a Negroni and subbing whiskey instead of gin to make this drink.
  7. Paloma: While Campari pairs well with any citrus, it’s often said that grapefruit is Campari’s best friend! Try adding ¾ oz of Campari to your favorite Paloma recipe.
  8. Milano-Torino: Looking for an elegant aperitivo? This cocktail is equal parts Campari and sweet vermouth - in other words, a negroni minus the gin!

No matter which cocktail you decide to make, don’t forget the classic Campari garnish - an orange slice!

Not in the mood to mix something up from scratch? We've got you covered with our summer cocktail kits!

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