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We curate award-winning recipes from top local, professional bartenders around the country to be featured on Cocktail Courier.


Whether you like vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila or rum drinks, each month our cocktail lists change.


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Smoke On The Mangrove
The J. Parker  |  Chicago
Banhez Mezcal • Rhine Hall Mango Brandy • lime • mango purée • habanero syrup • agave syrup • black lava salt • dehydrated lime

Per drink
6 drinks per order
$74.99 (includes tip, tax & delivery)
The Fast Vegetable
Cocktail Courier  |  Chicago
Reposado Tequila • lime • ginger-cilantro syrup • celery bitters • celery salt

Per drink
8 drinks per order
$66.40 (includes tip, tax & delivery)
Passer Du Temps Pitcher
Cocktail Courier  |  Chicago
Gin • herbes de Provence syrup • lemon • Tocayo Hominy White Ale • lavender stem

Per drink
12 drinks per order
$67.20 (includes tip, tax & delivery)
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Water Of Youth
Cocktail Courier  |  Chicago
hojicha-infused Gold Rum • chamomile syrup • lemon bitters • chamomile tea and flower buds

Per drink
6 drinks per order
$50.99 (includes tip, tax & delivery)
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Boodles Gin • lemon • Earl Grey tea • agave • orange bitters • egg white • sparkling wine • tomato juice • Tabasco • Worcestershire sauce • salt • black pepper

Per drink
16 drinks per order
$107.99 (includes tip, tax & delivery)


Each box is carefully packaged with all necessary ingredients (including garnish), accompanied by printed step-by-step instructions on how to make each drink. Perishable items, such as professionally made cocktail syrups, are stored in refrigerated packets to ensure they stay fresh during transport.

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