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World's Best Cocktails

Cocktail kits by award-winning bartenders with everything you need to make delicious drinks, delivered right to your door.

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We feature award-winning recipes from over 30K+ top local, professional bartenders around the country.

Fresh Cocktails

Whether you like vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila or rum drinks, each month our cocktail lists change.

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Order a la carte or sign up for a subscription and we’ll have a box containing all ingredients for 4-12 absolutely delicious cocktails delivered right to your door.

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Cocktail Courier aims to demystify the craft cocktail process by delivering cocktail kits complete with pre-measured ingredients (including alcohol, mixers, fresh citrus, even garnish!) accompanied by an easy-to-follow recipe card with step-by-step instructions.

Cocktails featured on the site can be ordered one-off or as part of a subscription package delivered right to your door.

All that’s left to do is open the box, shake or stir as directed, then sit back and enjoy!


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Customized series of Cocktail kits
Subscribers have more fun

Customized series of Cocktail kits

Find your new favorite — just choose your preferred spirits. Swap cocktails, skip deliveries, or cancel anytime.
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