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Let's Get Cracking: A Guide To Eggs in Cocktails

By Courier Classics

Jan 4, 2019

A little suspicious of using eggs as a cocktail ingredient? Before you pass on the creamy concoction completely, let us tell you what's so great about this slightly odd, but oh so satisfying cocktail component.

Frothy Beginnings

Booze has been mingling with egg whites for centuries. English sailors would mix local ale, molasses, rum, and eggs in a pitcher, then pour the mixture back and forth until it was well blended.

More Than Just Eggnog

These days, cocktail connoisseurs are more likely to order a Pisco Sour or Gin Fizz. But what's the appeal, you ask? The silky smooth texture an egg white produces is difficult to recreate with any other ingredient.

Doing The Flip

To create the velvety foam, separate the whites from the yolk and do a dry shake. The dry shake is fairly simple: put all the ingredients except for ice into your shaker, cover tightly, and shake to incorporate the egg white and whip it into a froth. For the second round of shaking, add ice to properly chill the drink.

Let's Get Cracking?

Need a visual? Watch this how-to video to master the dry shake and start sipping your way to creamy cocktail heaven.

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