Bacardí Pride Kit

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BACARDÍ Lime / BACARDÍ Limón / BACARDÍ Coconut / BACARDÍ Pineapple / soda / lemon / lime / pineapple

This June, with Pride celebrations kicking off across the country, BACARDÍ Rum is bringing its Latin Caribbean energy and vibrant spirit to your doorstep with a limited-edition BACARDÍ Pride Kit. Complete with four cocktails big in flavor and flair including the Lemon-Slay, Coconut Kween, Limelight Cooler, and Pineapple Pride – the kit is accompanied by a mini speaker, disco ball garnish stick, multiple packs of edible glitter and more.

  • The Lemon-Slay combines fresh and tart lemonade with BACARDÍ Limon rum for an invigorating drink best enjoyed on hot summer afternoons.
  • Coconut Kween is a tropical combination of light BACARDÍ Coconut rum and fresh pineapple juice, which is a classy alternative to the creamy and rich Piña Colada.
  • If an impromptu beach party had a flavor – BACARDÍ Lime would be it. The BACARDÍ Lime rum in the Limelight Cooler pops a zesty punch, add your favorite fizzy mixer and let the dancing begin!
  • If you love lemon-lime soda, try giving it an extra kick by mixing it with BACARDÍ Pineapple Rum to get the Pineapple Pride. With hints of coconut, it will transport you to the tropics.

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