Baileys Boba

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Baileys Deliciously Light / boba / milk / cocoa / matcha / head massager / motivational socks

This kit makes 2 cocktails & serves an additional 10 drinks neat, on the rocks or in your own custom recipe!

Featuring the Baileys Deliciously Light “Boba” cocktail made with matcha green tea, cocoa nibs, and boba. The Soul Supplies Kit also includes a head massager, cozy socks, and more than enough Baileys Deliciously Light to enjoy neat, on the rocks or to create your own custom recipe, this kit acts as a helpful primer on the subtle art of unwinding.

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3 Minutes

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Must be 21+. Please Enjoy Responsibly.

BAILEYS Deliciously Light Cream Liqueur. 16.1% Alc/Vol. Imported by Paddington, Ltd., New York, NY


1Baileys Deliciously Light – per 2.5 fl. oz. serving – Average Analysis: calories-139; carbs-9.3 g; protein-0.8 g; fat-3.7 g; sugar – 7.8g. Compared to Baileys Original Irish Cream per 2.5 fl. oz. serving: calories-233; carbs-16.1g; protein-2.1g; fat-10.1g; sugar 13.3g.

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