Best Side

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Patrón Añejo / grapefruit / pineapple / hibiscus / lemon / sage

Win the holidays with the Best Side. Pineapple and grapefruit mix, mingled with the finest tequila to create a cocktail that makes you want to cheers. Give to friends and family to make every side look like your best side.

I know your best side” I wanted to create a drink that was a twist on my personal drink of choice. It’s fun and light and I promise things will look better after you drink it.” – @Ravieb

Raven B. Varona or “RavieB” is a photographer from the Bronx, who began her photography career shooting concerts and events in downtown New York. Capturing these important cultural
moments sparked her photography career and her work has been seen in the “Contact High” exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography and more.

The classic kit (serves 8) contains Patrón Añejo 375ml. The deluxe kit (serves 16) contains Patrón Añejo 750ml.

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3 Minutes

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