A Sip of Paradise

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Bulleit Bourbon / pineapple / citrus

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey invites you to celebrate Earth Month 2021 by imbibing responsibly with the new Bulleit x Earth Day eco-friendly cocktail kit, created in partnership with American Forests and Cocktail Courier!

Made with sustainably sourced ingredients and packaged with compostable materials, the Bulleit x American Forests Earth Day Cocktail Kit contains everything whiskey lovers 21 and older need to craft the delicious and eco-friendly “A Sip of Paradise” cocktail at-home. The environmentally-friendly cocktail recipe, created by Gaskin, features a citrus stock made from discarded fruit hulls and a pineapple cordial born from the remains of the juicing process – every piece of this cocktail is made to make things a bit easier on Mother Earth. The limited edition kit is complete with sustainable at-home bartending tips printed on seed paper that you can plant and grow, along with premium upcycled Bulleit rocks glasses (classic kit size only).

Continuing the brand’s mission of helping to create a more sustainable tomorrow, Bulleit will donate 22% of sales of kits during the month of April (projected to be $10,000) to AmericanForests in recognition of Earth Day on April 22. Enjoy this Earth Day 2021 by sipping with a smaller footprint!

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