Black Barrel Classic Daiquiri

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Mount Gay Black Barrel / simple syrup / lime

Over its 300-year history, Mount Gay has a deep connection to the ocean. From its island roots in Barbados, the birthplace of rum, to the tropical climate that influences each bottle of rum and the longstanding connection to sailing, Mount Gay’s history, craftsmanship and community are truly united by the ocean. The ocean contributes to the distinct flavors of each bottle of Mount Gay due to the coral filtered water that plays an integral role in the production process.

In celebration of National Rum Day, this limited-edition Mount Gay National Rum Day cocktail kit demonstrates its appreciation of the ocean and invites you to join in protecting it. The kit features the essential ingredients to craft delicious Classic Daiquiri cocktails, along with complementary items that help honor and protect the ocean.

Each kit includes a never before published print by Karim Iliya, Marine and Ocean Conservation Photographer, that highlights the beauty of the ocean, alongside a set of reusable straws and tumblers to enjoy cocktails without additional waste. Additionally, the kit features the exclusive Mount Gay x 4ocean red bracelet made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials – each bracelet represents one pound of trash removed from the ocean.

Cheers to National Rum Day and conserving the world’s oceans!

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