Cocktail of the Future

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Martell Blue Swift / liqueur de mûre / pimento / pineapple / balsamic vinegar

Martell is excited to unveil the Martell Blue Swift “Cocktail of the Future,” created in partnership with ms. franky marshall, for a limited-time consumer offering with Cocktail Courier. The exclusive delivery will bring consumers into the history and world of Black mixology by toasting to those unsung heroes who played and continue to play a vital role in creating and influencing many of the cocktails we enjoy. The “Cocktail of the Future” is curated through an Afrofuturistic lens, by paying tribute to the Black mixologists of the past while drawing on ms. franky’s current experience and expertise in looking to the future. As you make the “Cocktail of the Future” at home, you’re invited to sit back and enjoy a copy of The Ideal Bartender by Tom Bullock, the first cocktail book published by an African American bartender.

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