The East Meets West

Hennessy X.O Cocktail Inspired by Opening Ceremony Co-Founders Carol Lim & Humberto Leon

Hennessy X.O / honey / jasmine / orange

Celebrate loved ones, family and heritage this New Year with the Hennessy X.O “East Meets West” Inspired by Opening Ceremony Cocktail Kit, a contemporary X.O cocktail experience inspired by the fashion retailers’ heritage & world travels.

“The New Year is the perfect time to celebrate our heritage as we welcome 2019 with family, friends and loved ones. To explore the blending of our own, we wanted to create a simple recipe that combines traditional Chinese flavors, like jasmine tea, with modern mixology elements for a unique way to enjoy Hennessy X.O.” – Opening Ceremony co-founders’ Carol Lim & Humberto Leon

The first 3 people to visit the site will also receive a Hennessy limited-edition X.O “East Meets West” Travel Bag by Opening Ceremony.


Each box includes all ingredients including garnish. Bar tools and glassware are not included but can be ordered separately.

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Share your mixology skills on social media
Each month's best #cocktailcourier photo gets $50!
Follow along @cocktailcourier and tag us for a chance to win.
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