Gold Standard

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Baileys Deliciously Light / earl grey / saffron / vanilla / whipped cream / Neil Patrick Harris video

This kit makes 2 cocktails & serves an additional 10 drinks neat, on the rocks or in your own custom recipe!

For that special someone who deserves the ultimate break

This extremely limited-edition kit (only 5 available, while supplies last) is equipped with an exclusive, indulgent Baileys Deliciously Light “Gold Standard” cocktail made with Belgian chocolate, gold leaf, black cherry and whipped cream as well as a personalized pre-recorded video greeting from Neil Patrick Harris himself (yes, you read that right!).

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3 Minutes

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Greeting content determined by Baileys/Neil Patrick Harris. Awarded in digital video format. Allow 1-2 weeks after kit purchase for delivery. Greeting may only be used by purchaser for personal, non-commercial purposes; greeting cannot be republished by purchaser without consent of Baileys/Neil Patrick Harris. Additional restrictions apply.

Must be 21+. Please Enjoy Responsibly.

BAILEYS Deliciously Light Cream Liqueur. 16.1% Alc/Vol. Imported by Paddington, Ltd., New York, NY


1Baileys Deliciously Light – per 2.5 fl. oz. serving – Average Analysis: calories-139; carbs-9.3 g; protein-0.8 g; fat-3.7 g; sugar – 7.8g. Compared to Baileys Original Irish Cream per 2.5 fl. oz. serving: calories-233; carbs-16.1g; protein-2.1g; fat-10.1g; sugar 13.3g.

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