The Havana Club Clásico 1934 x AMPARO

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Havana Club Añejo / sweet vermouth / amaro / orange bitters / smoke

The Havana Club Clásico 1934 x AMPARO Cocktail Courier kit celebrates the story of the Real Havana Club through the relaunch of The Amparo Experience, now available on Instagram. The kit is composed by the signature cocktail Havana Club Clásico 1934, a modernized take on the classic Rum Manhattan. Named after the year the Arechabala family launched HAVANA CLUB in Cuba. Forced into exile, the Arechabalas entrusted the Bacardí family with the original formula and the Real HAVANA CLUB rum was brought back to life in the United States. Today, this spirit – and the family’s story – have found a home in a new generation of rum drinkers who want to taste the truth.

This kit features Martini & Rossi Sweet Vermouth, Averna Amaro, and Orange Bitters, offering some nuanced flavors and adding complexity.

The Clásico 1934 is ideal for sophisticated times when you want a slow sipper and enjoy life.

AMPARO™ is an immersive theater experience that made a remarkable debut in South Florida in April of 2019 resulting in over 200 sold-out performances over a period of 5 months.

In addition to the ingredients for making the Clásico 1934, each kit is composed by a T-shirt, 1 large Silicon Square Ice Cube mold, 2 Havana Club glasses, 1 smoker with wood chips, as well as a Recipe Book which tells the story of AMPARO™ Inspired by the Founders of The Real HAVANA CLUB rum and their true story of family, exile, and perseverance through the Cuban Revolution.


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