More is Made by the Many Hennessy Negroni

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Hennessy V.S.O.P / Campari / sweet vermouth / orange

Every person has the power to shape our journey further. Growing our own potential by tapping into the perspectives of others.

Hennessy V.S.O.P invites you to embrace the diversity of perspectives from those around your table with the “More is Made by the Many” Limited Edition Cocktail Kit. Fueled by an original conversation card pack designed to help you exchange points of view with your circle, your circle’s circle and beyond.

The kit has all the tools to expand your perspective, inspire ideas and change your point of view. Gather your circle, mix a signature V.S.O.P Negroni cocktail, and take a seat. Then, pick a card.

Cheers to you and everyone at your table.

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3 Minutes

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PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY. Imported Cognac Hennessy®, 40% Alcohol by volume. Copyright 2021 Imported by Moet Hennessy USA, Inc., New York, NY. HENNESSY is a registered trademark.

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