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Nikka Coffey Gin / Campari / chamomile / honey / lemon

Julia Momosé of Bar Kumiko in Chicago describes Nikka Coffey Gin as a “jubilant gin,” ideal for cocktails this holiday season. It is bright, zesty, and surprising, with the gentle note of apple that shines alongside the floral sansho and Japanese citrus botanicals. She was inspired to accent this complex gin with a touch of chamomile and honey, along with bitter, but also bright Campari, and fresh citrus.

While primarily known for its award-winning whiskies, Nikka also has a long history of distilling white spirits and has developed stunning new gin and vodka expressions based 100% on their Coffey still distillate. Nikka Coffey Gin distillates come through the Coffey Still, a traditional continuous still that produces Nikka’s signature grain whiskies, giving this gin a silky texture and rich body. Its aromatic complexity relies on the delicate balance of various botanicals, including Japanese citrus Yuzu, Amanatsu, Kabosu and Shequasar.

Julia Momosé is a bartender, writer, business owner, and the creative force behind Kumiko, the acclaimed dining bar in Chicago. Momosé was raised in Japan, where she began developing the traits that would inform her approach to beverages: sophistication, elegance, and a deep respect for artisanship. Her work has garnered international renown, from features in Time magazine, Esquire and Food & Wine to a spot on the World’s 50 Best Bars. In addition, Momosé developed the cocktails and spiritfree program for Starbucks Roastery Reserve, and her debut book The Way of the Cocktail was just released in November, 2021.

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