The Walking Dead Cocktail Kit

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Sexton Single Malt Whiskey / Campari / Grapefruit / Blood Orange / Orange Bitters

Live For Today…. And Celebrate!

As The Official Whiskey of The Walking Dead, The Sexton Single Malt is helping fans gear up for the season premiere with everything needed to fully immerse themselves in the final season – cue the cocktails!

The “Live For Today” is sure to awaken your taste buds with the bitter bite of an aperitif liqueur, the bold brightness of grapefruit and blood orange, and the approachable complexity of The Sexton Single Malt Whiskey. So, as temperatures begin to cool and the last of summer lingers, enjoy this enticing recipe.

Each limited edition box includes a 750ml bottle of The Sexton Single Malt, customized merchandise including a coaster set, cocktail shaker, “It’s not just whiskey, it’s perfection” rocks glass and the ingredients required to create up to 8 cocktails – perfect for any fan who wants to take their watch party to the next level.

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3 Minutes

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