Gifts for a Crowd

From corporate alcohol gifts to virtual happy hours, we’ve got you covered! It’s easy to customize and send large cocktail kit orders for a group. Give the gift of a mixology experience and raise a glass together!

Elevate Your Corporate Gifting with Cocktails

Each cocktail kit contains everything needed to mix up craft cocktails including alcohol, fresh citrus, syrups, and mixers, plus an easy-to-follow recipe card. We have a rotating seasonal menu with drink options to ensure everyone can get their favorite spirit!

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Our current cocktail menu

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  • The Tequila Ocho World Paloma Day Kit

    Tequila Ocho Paloma Kit

  • The People's Margarita "Grilled Edition" Kit

    The People's Margarita "Grilled Edition"

  • A tasty Grand Spicy Margarita

    Grand Spicy Margarita

  • A tasty Kentucky Peach Iced Tea

    Kentucky Peach Iced Tea

  • A tasty Campari Blood Orange Fizz

    Campari Blood Orange Fizz

  • a delicious pina no-lada cocktail

    Piña No-Lada

  • a tasty margarita

    Ancho Hibiscus Margarita

  • Party Can Gold Rush Old Fashioned can next to the cocktail in a glass with ice.

    Party Can - Gold Rush Old Fashioned

  • The Party Can Cosmicpolitan Can with the can it comes within and the deep red cocktail in a glass with ice.

    Party Can - Cosmicpolitan

  • The Party Can Margarita Can with the cocktail in a glass with ice.

    Party Can - Triple Spice Margarita

  • The Party Can Cosmicpolitan, Margarita, and Old Fashioned Cans with the box it comes in and their associated cocktails in glasses with ice.

    Party Can - 3 Can Variety Pack

Easy Group Ordering

Effortlessly manage multiple recipients and addresses, ensuring that every gift arrives on time!

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Group Ordering FAQ’s

Got questions about placing a multi-recipient order? We’ve got answers.

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Custom Corporate Gifts

Make your gifts memorable with custom kit wraps, greeting cards, recipe cards, and more! Work with our VIP concierge team to easily craft unforgettable cocktail gifts.

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Join the thousands of companies that have shared the joy of cocktails.

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