How To’s

How to Select Ice

How to Select Ice

You’d think using lots of little cubes would be the best bet for a quickly chilled drink. However, more surface area equals more ice-melt.

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How to Chill Glassware

How to Garnish with Microplaned Citrus Zest

How to Select A Jigger

How to Select A Bar Spoon

How to Crush Ice (Using a Lewis Bag)

How to Use a Hawthorne Strainer

How to Dry Shake

Garnish with Flamed Citrus Zest

How to Rim a Cocktail

How to Rim a Cocktail

Some cocktails call for a rimmed edge as garnish (or in addition to a garnish). Rimming is an easy way to add flavor and a nice presentation to cocktails. Let's rim!

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How to Use a Julep Strainer

How to Roll a Cocktail

Garnish with Herbs

Garnish with Citrus Zest

Garnish with Bitters

How to Rinse A Glass

How to Muddle

How to Build a Cocktail

How to Stir a Cocktail

How to Stir a Cocktail

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How to Shake

Cocktails you may enjoy

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