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what you need to chill glassware

how to chill your glassware

The purpose of shaking and stirring your cocktails is to add dilution and chill your drink to the proper temperature. Why go through all the effort of cooling your ingredients down, just to warm them back up in a room-temperature glass? Serve your drinks like a professional with this simple move. The best tasting drinks pay attention to the details, like chilled glassware.

Let’s chill!

  1. Select the glassware you will be serving your cocktails in.
  2. Fill your glasses with ice.
  3. Cover your ice-filled glasses with water.
  4. Let your glasses sit in the ice-cold water while you prep your cocktail. Go ahead and shake/stir your drink while the glasses chill in the background.
  5. Right before you are about to serve your cocktail, dump your ice water into a bucket or sink.
  6. Strain your cocktail into your freshly chilled glassware, garnish and serve!

tips for chilling

  • Low on ice? You can easily pop your glassware into the freezer instead of using this ice-water method.
  • Planning on sharing on the ‘gram? Photographers often opt to NOT chill their glasses as the condensation and frosted glass clouds the appearance of the ingredients (especially for crystal clear stirred drinks!). But keep in mind, what is best for the photo, is not always best for flavor. The best tasting drinks are served cold, and served immediately!

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