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what you need to rim a cocktail

  • Glassware
  • Rimming ingredients
  • Small Plate or Saucer
  • Recipe and Cocktail Ingredients (or Cocktail Courier kit!)

how to rim a cocktail

Some cocktails call for a rimmed edge as garnish (or in addition to a garnish). Rimming is an easy way to add flavor and a nice presentation to cocktails.

Let’s rim!

  1. Creating a salt or sugar rim is quite simple. Pour a small amount of your rimmer onto a small plate or saucer.
  2. If the cocktail calls for citrus, slice a wedge of lime, lemon, orange, etc and use that to swipe around the edge of your glass. If there’s no citrus in the drink, use a second plate and some simple syrup or another slightly sticky liquid, like a liqueur to dip the edge of your glass into.
  3. Then simply flip the glass upside down and dip into the rimming salt/sugar to create a nice even rim.

If you want to get fancy, or would like to alternate sips with a rimming flavor and sips without, a half dipped rim is a really lovely garnish.

Let’s make a half-dipped rim!

  1. This time instead of dipping your citrus or simple syrup around the edge of the glass, swipe the portion of the glass you want to be coated with your lime wedge. Extend the moistened area to about 1-2 inches down the edge of the glass for a dramatic look.
  2. Then turn your glass on the prepped side and gently roll it in your plate of rimming ingredients instead of dipping.

tips for rimming a cocktail

• If you are having a cocktail party and know you’re going to be serving a rimmed cocktail, you can easily prep all your glassware with rims ahead of time. Then you can relax and just shake, pour, serve!

• Worried about smudging your newly rimmed glassware with an imperfect pour? Pretend you’re a food stylist and use a funnel to assist! Strain your freshly made cocktail into a funnel, carefully positioned into the center of your rimmed serving glassware, then add fresh ice (if needed) and serve!

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