How to Rinse A Glass

How to Rinse A Glass

what you need to rinse a glass

  • Glassware
  • Spirit or Liqueur
  • Recipe and Cocktail Ingredients

how to rinse a glass

Some classic cocktails, like the Sazerac, call for a rinse of absinthe, or other spirits, liqueurs, and aromatic liquids. Here’s how to rinse a glass!

  1. Add a small amount of the spirit to your serving glassware (less than .25 oz is plenty) and gently rotate the glass between your hands, leaving a trace of the flavor and aroma behind. You can also gently swirl the glass to achieve the same effect.
  2. Once the interior edges have been coated with the aromatic spirits, you can pour the excess out.
  3. Now your glassware is prepped and ready to be filled with your freshly made cocktail.

Alternately, if you have a mister, you can also spray a fine amount of spirit directly into each glass.

tips for rinsing a glass

  • To minimize any waste, so you can reuse your “rinse” liquids from glass to glass. Swirl, slowly, and then pour the liquid into your next serving glass, repeat the rinse, and when you’ve reached the final number of glasses, dump the excess (or drink it!).
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