How to Select A Bar Spoon

How to Select A Bar Spoon

what you need

  • Twisted Bar Spoon OR Straight Bar Spoon
  • Recipe and Cocktail Ingredients

how to select a bar spoon

Almost all bar tool selection is based on preference. Try as many styles as you can and see what feels comfortable to you! The important features of bar spoons are the balance of the spoon, as well as the weight in your hands. Practice stirring with different styles of bar spoons to determine your favorite! Preferential style differences include the length of the stem, unique end-caps (decorative or functional), twisted or straight stem, and more! Some bar spoons don't even have the "spoon" portion at all and feature two teardrop shapes on both ends.

tips for using a bar spoon

  • Practice, practice, practice! If you can’t get a hang of the effortless twirls that dazzle many a bar patron, simply stirring the drink near the perimeter of the mixing beaker in a smooth clockwise motion will achieve a similar effect. Try to avoid choppy, rough stirring, as you want your drink gently diluted (no added air) so it retains its crystal clear quality when poured into your serving glassware.
  • No bar spoon on hand? You can use a teaspoon or a dessert spoon from your house. The rounded stem on the bar spoon is what helps you rotate smoothly within the mixing beaker, so you may have to exert additional effort to keep the back of the spoon in contact with the perimeter of the glass.
  • Need help on mastering your stirring skills? Check out our video on How To Stir A Cocktail!
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