How to Select A Jigger

How to Select A Jigger

what you need

  • Cocktail Courier Japanese Style Jigger or our Modern Mixology Cobbler Shaker cap (does double duty as a jigger!)
  • Recipe and Cocktail Ingredients

how to select a jigger

A jigger is a fancy word for a cocktail-specific measuring cup. Not all jiggers are created equal, so try as many styles as you can to find the one that suits your needs. We prefer Japanese Style jiggers because the margin for error is smaller, especially if you pour slightly over or under the recipe specs, because of the slim tapered design. Also, be sure to investigate the variety of measurements indicated on your jigger. Finding a jigger with an elusive quarter ounce mark is exciting indeed (and standard on our Cocktail Courier jiggers). The most important feature of jiggers are the markings that display the measurements, as not all measuring increments are standardized. Find one that has your most frequently used measurements. It's also important to consider the weight of the jigger and the slope of the taper.

tips for using a jigger

  • Have a steady hand. Try to hold your jigger level so you are getting accurate pours. Just starting out? It's totally okay to use a level surface as a helping hand. Simply set your jigger down and practice pouring. We recommend filling an empty spirit bottle with water once you've finished the contents and practice pouring from bottle to jigger without worrying about wasting precious supplies. Once you get a hang of it, try lifting the jigger steadily with one hand and pouring to the measured line amount with the other.
  • No jiggers on hand? How about a measuring cup or a set of teaspoons? Most cocktail quantities are easily converted into other measurements. For example, 0.5 ounces is 3 teaspoons (or 1 tablespoon!). Many high-end cocktail bars actually prefer using teaspoons for select ingredients in nuanced cocktail creation, for example, using only 1 teaspoon of an ingredient (0.167 ounces) for that perfect balance.
  • Need help on mastering your building skills? Check out our video on How To Build A Cocktail!
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