Create A Drinking Oasis In Any Size Outdoor Space

No matter what kind of space you’re working with, you can enjoy sipping in the warmer seasons without having to go anywhere. Read on for our tips for creating that perfect drinking patio atmosphere at home.


Urban Oasis

Looking to create a sense of seclusion on your apartment balcony? There are a number of ways to create an aesthetically pleasing separation between you and your neighbors.

We love a simple curtain or vegetation wall – bonus, you can use the mint or basil you’ve grown as a garnish for your cocktails!

Folding screens can also help partition the space while adding texture at the same time.

Get Lit

Create ambiance without having to invest in fancy ceiling fixtures. Consider mounting hanging lanterns to the windows or doors opening up to your balcony.

Alternatively, you can use an assortment of portable lanterns, they even make ones that double as speakers!

String lights are rental friendly and still create a dreamy ambiance. They can be wrapped around posts or drooped for drama.

Drinking Al Fresca

Choose a bar cart on wheels so you can easily wheel it outside. It can also double as storage for all your summer grilling essentials.

If you don’t have room for a full cart, use a tabletop tray! Bar top trays are an efficient way to keep the drinks on hand without having them in the way.

When you’re crunched for space, pre-batch cocktails into drink dispensers so that your guests can get easily boozy. Having a smaller party of two? Cocktail Courier kits are the perfect size to take ‘glamping’.

Take a Seat

Get cozy without taking up too much space. Use wood crates and outdoor pillows to create comfortable seats and a relaxed feel. The crates can double as storage bins. A hammock is also fun and stores easily.

Choose furniture without arms, with simple lines and low backs. Benches can be used along one or more sides of your patio for additional seating.

Layering is your friend and adding a variety of textiles will add visual interest and help you extend the usage of your outdoor oasis.

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