A Father's Day Gift Guide For 5 Types Of Cool Dads

Don’t get stuck gifting dad that cliche necktie again this year!

To help you pick out something special, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite things about our dads and sharing the personalized presents we’re getting them this Father’s Day. Booze included!



“I definitely get my foodie sensibilities from my dad. He’s always on the prowl for new recipes and exotic ingredients, so I thought what better gift than fancy sea salts and deluxe kitchen utensils. I’m hoping he’ll love these steak knives and leather apron. Since he’s more of a sipper of alcohol, I’m getting him a bottle of his favorite scotch and a decanter that allows it to breathe over time. ” – Hannah



“It’s safe to say my father is a little high maintenance, but that just makes it more fun to shop for him! He always appreciates fine leather goods, so this year I bought him a watch roll he can store his vintage timepieces in. Similarly, I scored a vintage bar tool set, something classy! Since he’s picky I went with the Build Your Own Old Fashioned Kit, so I can tailor the cocktail to his exact taste.” – Laila



“In our house, my dad is definitely the host. He loves having barbecues and movie nights—anything to bring people together. I wanted to help him switch things up with a vintage chess board and a set of dominos. It’s something to add to his board game collection, and something the rest of the family will enjoy. To go along with the entertaining theme, I figured I’d also get him some whiskey stones and the Whiskey Variety Kit so his party guests can sample a few different variations of his favorite spirit!” – Lauren



“My dad is always outdoors in the summertime. He’s pretty rugged but still likes to take care of himself, so I thought I’d hook him up with an on-the-go first aid/self-care kit. It has a 2-in-1 shampoo & body wash, and everything else he needs grooming-wise, whether he’s roughing it in a tent or an RV. He usually just brings his backpack along, so I wanted to gift him the Mountain Views’ Kit, which doesn’t require any bar tools or ice! Included in the kit are mugs and sausages so he and his hiking buds can stay energized on the trail.” – Linda



“I’m always calling my dad for help fixing things around the house. I’m giving my dad a basic tool set he can keep in his car, so he’s got the gadgets for whenever I need him! 😉 To avoid giving a gift too functional, I’m hooking him up with some essential bar tools, so I can fix him a drink as a thank you for all the hard work!” – Nelly

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