6 Snacks and Sips for The Big Game (hint, it's number 54)

Cocktail Courier ‘Sports Punch’

It’s that time of year again when you get into an argument with your neighbor, spill hot sauce on your jersey, and laugh uncontrollably at the Doritos commercials. To get ready for game day, we’ve got 6 snacks and sips to make your evening fun and filling!

Pigskin in a Blanket

Eating is way more fun when the food is in the shape of a football. You’ll definitely want to make more than one of these festive snacks…they go fast! Try it with this 5 Minute Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce.

Can’t Go Wrong with a Plate of Nachos!

Here at Cocktail Courier, we believe nachos are always a must when watching sports (or any social gathering for that matter). Try out this healthier version using homemade pita chips for a game-day snack and a less bloated night of munching. Pair with one of Cocktail Courier’s Wellness Cocktail Kits for a nice, well-rounded snack!

Football Deviled Eggs for the Win

Again, football-shaped food for the win. Want to stick with your mom’s famous deviled egg recipe? Just dye the eggs, spoon in that secret recipe, make your stitches with greek yogurt or sour cream, and go to town!

Make Your Own Bloody Mary

Bloody Marys are a great party drink because they are customizable, savory, and as boozy as you like it! Grab the hour d’ oeuvres and skewers and have your guests craft their very own cocktail. Need a recipe? Checkout Cocktail Courier’s Bloody Mary cocktail kit!

Number One Draft Pick

Delish Beermosas

Prefer beer to bubbly? Blue Moon is the best beer for your “bro-mosa,” but any lager will do. Express the oils from an orange peel by twisting over the cocktail, and garnish the rim with a slice of orange for an extra citrus punch!

Fizzy Sherbet Punch

The colorful fruit and sherbet scoops float among the fizz in this equally pretty and equally tasty large-format mocktail. Sans alcohol, it’s a good drink for keeping kiddos distracted during the game. Slip in a few ounces of gin for a little something extra.

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